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The Productivity Tools and Balance Tips Team Summary

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2021 Channel Focus Women's Leadership Council
The Productivity Tools and Balance Tips Team Summary


Productivity Tools

(notebook that can upload notes to web)
(publish your availability to others)
(even with partners)
(Track your kids phone)
Ask a millennial for an app when you need one


Ideas to Help With Balance

Put your email away on nights/weekends and if you’re a manager, do not send during those off times (delay delivery)

Step into leadership responsibilities and step away from admin at work 

Belong to a club with other women – make your personal connections a priority in your life

Block time on your calendar for you, your kids, workouts, and specific project time so that your day does not become back-to-back meetings

Send your kids/spouse outlook meeting requests

Set an objective for each day

Ask CFNA Women’s Leadership team to collect a catalog of resources to help put it all in one place