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10 Reasons to attend Specialized Channel Focus

Specialized Channel Focus is a conference gathering the most knowledgeable experts selling products generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales through Specialized Channels such as CPAs, Advertising Agencies, Management consultants, Retail and HR consultants and many more! You'll walk away with the knowledge to help your company drive millions of dollars' worth of sales through these types of partners.

Still not sure if this conference is right for you? Here are 10 reasons you would benefit by attending:

  1. New Channels like Marketing Agencies, CPAs, HR Consultants, Retail and Business consultants are delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues: Understanding how to take advantage of these new channels is a huge benefit to you and your company.
  2. In a Cloudy world, customers want to talk to Channel partners who provide real business, not technical expertise: This is the event where industry leaders share how they are leveraging these new routes to market.
  3. Be ahead of the curve: The first companies to recruit these channels will gain a major advantage over their competition.
  4. Whether you are already using these channels or thinking about their potential, this is the forum where you will learn how to maximize your effectiveness through these Channels.
  5. Learn from the experts: The conference features over 20 senior executives from companies that are already delivering substantial revenues through these channels.
  6. At the conference speakers will share programs they are using to drive revenue through these new channels: You will take away actual programs that are working today, programs that you can start to implement straight away.
  7. The event will save you money: Learn from others how they have done it, the mistakes they have made and what really works. These answers are invaluable and will save you many times the amount you will spend on attending the event.
  8. This is an executive interactive forum where delegates will get concrete answers on how best to leverage these channels, how to remunerate them, how to recruit them and the best ways to motivate and incentivize them.
  9. Get answers to the issues that are most important for you: Our workshops, which are small round table discussions, are designed to enable you to bring your questions to presenters and other high-level executives and get real answers to the issues that matter to you.
  10. Network with the leaders in the field: Most of our speakers will stay for the entire two days of the conference and take part in the debate and discussion on these important emerging channels.

Join us! Learn more about the agenda or our speakers. We look forward to meeting you!

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