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WEBINAR: Driving Sales by Increasing Partner Productivity

Robert Faletra, ,

Listen to channel expert Robert Faletra, president of CMP Channel, talk about the trends in the channel market place as he highlights what it takes to streamline the communication flow between partner and vendors to speed up sales.

WEBINAR: Five Ways to Jumpstart Your 2012 Partner Programs

Jon Whitlock, ,

Looking for better ways to enable your channel in 2012? Partners and salespeople are busier and more mobile than ever. They expect to have the right information “in the moment” wherever they are – on the road, via smartphones and mobile devices. Learn ...

WHITEPAPER: It's Called Lead Generation For a Reason

Russell Kern, ,

Why now’s the time to rethink B.A.N.T. as a lead scoring criteria for lead generation campaigns and replace it with A.P.N.R.P. scoring methods.

Category:Channel Sales
WHITEPAPER: Best Practice Customer Testimonials

Tarkan Maner, ,

In every company you discover that staff usually expect customers to be saying great things about them and their brand. Sometimes they do, especially if you bribe them by taking them to dinner or to conferences. But testimonials are an important topic ...

WHITEPAPER: The Revolution Shaking Europe's PC Channel

Bob Snyder, ,

As the IT industry’s manufacturers diversify their product ranges into Consumer Electronics, many IT manufacturers seem to think they will make these CE products and sell them unopposed to our traditional IT channels. Instead, the advent of consumer IT ...

WHITEPAPER: Channel Trends & Fundamentals

Ladd Timpson, ,

Trends are undeniably important. But what is really key, argues Novell's Ladd Timpson, is to first ensure you have the fundamentals in place that will allow you to keep your partners happy and respond to industry developments. This whitepaper details b ...

WHITEPAPER: B2B Email Newsletters - Best Practices

Andrew Sanderson, ,

This white paper describes best practice insights for B2B email newsletters gained by SAP’s in-house global email marketing team. At SAP, email newsletters cover a wide range of specialist themes. There are seventeen email newsletters for customers & p ...

WHITEPAPER: Evolution of Channel Marketing

Graham Vann, ,

Graham Vann, European Head of Strategic Field Marketing at Cisco, analyses how channel marketing has evolved to help the organisation create a sales model that is marketing-led and partner-enabled.

WHITEPAPER: Beyond Better Execution

Julie Parrish, ,

Do you want your partners to be able to build predictable and profitable businesses around you? Proper execution is, of course, very important. But this informative whitepaper argues that real differentiation comes from: • The way you balance your channe ...

WHITEPAPER: Lead Referral Program Identifying Escalating and Accelerating

Channel Services Group

Download this whitepaper by CSG to read more on Identifying, Escalating and Accelerating Incremental Sales Opportunities.

Category:Channel Sales
WHITEPAPER: Selling Skills

Isobel Rimmer, ,

Just how can companies compete in today’s market; growing sales revenue, maintaining sales margins, accessing more customers? How can vendors maximise the potential of their sales teams and those of their partners and resellers?

WHITEPAPER: Transforming Underperforming Deal Registration Programs into High-functioning Systems

hawkeye Channel,‎

Deal Registration programs have become an important key to the success of any indirect sales channel. This whitepaper by Harte Onewein presents best practices and insights we have uncovered through our extensive experience deploying, maintaining and advis ...

WHITEPAPER: Your Channel Programs - Are They Working?

Andy Wright, ,‎

Increasing sales through your channel is imperative—so, how can you make sure you succeed? Data analytics are the key—they can help you determine if your channel programs are working, or missing the mark. But often people confuse analytics with metrics ...

WHITEPAPER: Proven Programs and Techniques to Develop and Enable an Evolving Channel


Download this accompanying whitepaper to the webinar Joby Pearson, VP of Sales at Channels Services Group (CSG), who shares proven best practices and insights to help vendors strategically build new revenue streams and build a dedicated sales force throug ...