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WEBINAR: Using Data Analysis to Optimize Marketing & Sales

Carlos Blanco, ,

Listen to this recorded webinar to understand how to have to real data-driven sales and marketing by incorporating best practices in data analytics into your channel marketing and sales businesses. Carlos Blanco, Managing Director of Next Level, shares hi ...

WEBINAR: Building a More Targeted Channel

Carlos Blanco, ,

Listen to this recorded webinar where Carlos Blanco, Managing Director, Field Sales & Marketing Services, Everything Channel, shares his experiences and knowledge of how vendors drive significant revenue from new and existing channel partners through prov ...

WHITEPAPER: Partner Ecosystems

Carlos Blanco, ,

Executive Summary This document seeks to explore the issues in and challenges to building true channel ecosystems that have an impact on the bottom line — both of the channel partner and the manufacturer. This document contains ideas that can serve as ...

WHITEPAPER: Understanding Distributor Marketing

Carlos Blanco, ,

Executive Summary Distributors are often misused by vendors. Common mistakes include expecting wholesale distributors to push your products, the indiscriminate use of marketing funds, poor communication and misuse of loyalty programmes. In this in-d ...