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Where are all of these so-called “Born in the Cloud” Partners Anyway?

Where are all of these so-called “Born in the Cloud” Partners Anyway?
This question was posed to me at the Ingram Cloud Summit this week in Phoenix. We all know that the cloud is quickly redefining IT, with over 90% of companies using some mix of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. In fact, 60% of companies have replaced more than one third of their IT infrastructure with cloud products thus far (Gartner). With 1,300 attendees at this cloud-focused conference, I asked the question: “How many of you...
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Partner Marketing: It's Not About You!

Partner Marketing: It's Not About You!
‘How many times are my campaigns downloaded?’ ‘How often is my training webinar viewed?’ ‘What’s the ROI on my marketing tools?’ These are metrics partner marketers typically tell me they track to measure the success of their programs with route-to-market partners such as alliances, system integrators, distributors and resellers. But these are not the most important questions to be asking. As long as we partner marketers focus on our metrics, our tool utilization, our ROI, we’re...
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Olivier Choron
Great piece Kristina. You are spot on and I am glad you guys at Brocade are doing this; we see too many campaigns going to waste.... Read More
Wednesday, 02 March 2016 10:10 AM
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Tackling Analytics Like A Channel Pro

Keeping up with today’s channel partners’ expectations requires any channel business to be on their toes at all times in order to meet those expectations. The popularity of modern predictive analytics is on the rise without a doubt and channel account managers must be prepared. Predictive analytics moved from backroom operations to frontline sales and now, it’s moving to the channel sales organization. As predictive analytics evolves in the channel space, it becomes a necessity for...
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[webinar] top 10 tips for the most effective incentives in 2015

  Looking for ways to make your channel incentive budget work harder and smarter in 2015? Watch the webcast that gives you real-world, make-it-happen tips. Here’s a spoiler alert: Standard sales SPIF programs aren’t working. We have research-based insights into the best ways to drive pre-sales, sales and post-sales behaviors with targeted layered and bundled incentives. Today’s channel is all about genuine loyalty and engagement that focus on achieving your goals. Access the webinar replay...
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Why I joined the parago team

It’s no secret that I've been involved in almost every aspect of the channel for over 25 years. I've been at large enterprises and small start-ups; I've worn many hats, including sales, strategy, product marketing and management, and more. Today, I’m pleased to announce that I've accepted a position at parago channel. Let’s be honest: just a handful of months ago, I had never even heard of parago channel. Then I met a few of their...
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2013 Channel Spend: Will you drive incremental sales with your investment?

Forrester’s latest forecast estimates that $2,088 billion (USD) will be spent on IT next year.  About 65% of that goes through the channel – $1,357B. And about $63B will be spent on channel marketing. 63.  Billion.  Dollars. On channel marketing. The lion’s share of that is spent on partner incentives (about $50B). The question for vendors is whether that $50 billion is actually changing partner behavior.  Are you just “giving” away your portion of that $50...
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2013 - Sell, sell, sell!

What do we want to achieve in 2013? Ultimately we want to create and foster relationships that will generate more sales - meaningful, incremental sales. Looking at the community interaction over the last few months, a few questions or themes have come out of these discussions.  What are the various types of effective partner enablement tools? How to reach all sales people at our partners? How to get them excited about our products? Also how do you help you partners when we...
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