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Here is why the traditional IT & Telecom channel is shrinking at an alarming rate - and what to do about it

We have hit a tipping point in the IT and telecom channel. For years we have debated the impact of new technologies such as the cloud, mobility, and now IoT (Internet of Things). In addition, we looked at partner transformations and the evolving business models that were showing signs of success (such as managed services). So much focus was put into these things that we lost sight of the end customer. Specifically, how the end customer...
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Is Specialization the Key to Success?

It’s fascinating watching the progress of the 4,500 partners in our Cloud Services Community. Who’s going gangbusters and who’s doing not so well? And as we’ve dug into this we’ve discovered some patterns amongst the partners who are doing well in the Cloud. The number one element is specialization. After all if you’re talking to the business owner – not the tech guy – they want to talk business. The more you know about their business...
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A Channel Perspective: Dell’s $67 Billion Acquisition of EMC

Dell announced this week the highest-valued tech deal in history, the company’s $67 billion acquisition of EMC (and with it majority ownership of VMware). The industry is buzzing about how the takeover will be another crucial step in Dell’s transformation from build-to-order PC manufacturer to full-service provider of technology solutions that Michael Dell has been orchestrating through a series of acquisitions dating back to when he returned as CEO in 2007. However, the reality is that...
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