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What does 2016 have in store for purechannelapps, social media and marketing?

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” This a great quote by Mike Tyson, one that many brands need to abide by. We, as an industry, need to embrace change and all that it brings. But what does 2016 have in store for purechannelapps and the marketing industry? It’s time we planned and prepared for the unexpected to stay on top and most importantly keep in the ring. Here is a...
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Value by Subtraction

In any competitive industry, we are confronted with the ever-pressing need to improve our products and services, and we can get caught in the relentless search of the added feature. But this is not always what the customer wants. I am not talking about the price-sensitive customer who is happy to get the minimum possible as long as she gets a good price. I am talking about the occasions when we fail to recognize that the...
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Social Selling- Fish Where the Fish Are

Last week we were lucky enough to be joined by social selling expert, Zoe Sands who is the principal consultant at Zoe Sands & Co. Ltd. Zoe assists organisations in connecting sales with marketing to prove ROI. Here is a recap on exactly what was discussed.The power of your employeesDon’t underestimate the power of your employees. They are your greatest advocates and should be leveraged to fully break into the social sphere. Not convinced? Think...
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Welcome from purechannelapps

Hello and thank you for visiting our page! Let me start by introducing myself. I am Olivier Choron and the name of my company is purechannelapps. Having worked as an IT channel marketer for over 20 years, both in Europe and in the US, I understand many of the issues and challenges you face every day. I believe this is what makes me unique, and our products interesting. For me, it’s all about understanding your problems,...
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The 4 Golden Rules of Social Media, or The Creepy Pickup Artist

Sure, many things in life can be learned if you did not come to earth with them already built-in. Social media is one of them. But as many times, the devil is in the details and there is one very elusive skill. The four golden rules in Social media are that you have to engage often, consistently, providing relevant content, and in an authentic fashion. Frequency. Social media, to be done right, has to be done...
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