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Who are your social advocates?

There’s a lot of talk in the social media world about employee advocacy; the act of your employees sharing brand content through their own social media accounts. The popularity of employee advocacy programs stems from its proven ability to drive increased leads and awareness for and of the brands. A study by LinkedIn in March 2016 uncovered that employees receive 2x higher click through rates than their employer sharing the same content. With results like this, it’s not...
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Have HTML newsletters lost their mojo?

With continuously dropping open and click rates, it’s easy to think that emails and newsletters are not a valid comms vehicle anymore. Here’s a few stats to prove that email marketing is in fact here to stay, and it’s you, the brand, that need to adapt your approach to keep in the game. Did you know? ·         33% of opens are from an iPhone, with Gmail being the second most popular at 15% (Source: Litmus) ·        ...
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Why a social advocacy mobile app is a must for this year

Social advocacy, I’m sure you’ll agree, will be huge this year whether it’s through employees, influencers or channel partners. Utilising your advocates’ social media accounts is certainly the way to go to increase your overall reach.Why social advocacyNielsen reported that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family when making a buying decision. With this knowledge in mind, it is not surprising that the popularity of social advocacy has increased exponentially.LinkedIn further discovered that if brand...
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KPIs for measuring employee advocacy

What do you look for when measuring the effectiveness of your employee advocacy?The current trend for the B2B industry is employee advocacy, and if you have not yet got on the band waggon, I would highly recommend it. The question here though is, what metrics should you put in place to measure its effectiveness? Yes, you can start by measuring post shares, retweets, and likes, but what are these in the scale of things? You...
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Is employee advocacy a danger to your brand?

The controversial value of employee advocacy has received much attention recently, with many tarnishing it with even damaging brand reputation, causing many to approach its use with caution and question, is it really worth it?Altimeter recently published a report entitled ‘Social Media Employee Advocacy: Tapping into the power of an engaged social workforce’. Here are the top employee advocacy challenges their study highlighted: The Content Challenge – 53%Posting content onto social media even at a...
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