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10 Tips for Capturing Reseller Loyalty

It’s no secret that getting your reseller partners personally invested in selling your products is good for business.

But when Blackhawk Engagement Solutions (formerly parago) conducted a recent survey of channel marketers, we found that only 52% of vendors are paying incentives directly to their partner sales reps. Instead, the incentives are going to the partner principal, who then doles out the incentives to thesales team according to how he or she sees fit.

So more than half of vendors are disconnected from the very people they need to connect with — the people with the power to increase sales. If you fall into this category (and even if you don’t), we’ve pulled together 10 tips on how to closethis gap and get your channel program to start bringing in the results you want.

Tip 8: Offer the rewards they want

For a reward to be motivating, it’s got to be desirable. Over and over again at Blackhawk Engagement, we’ve seen that cash — particularly when delivered on a prepaid card — is the number-one chosen reward. Merchandise and travel run a close second. There’s no one-size-fits-all reward scheme, but if you provide a wide variety of incentives, and can target them based on factors like program tier and previous performance, you’re on to a winning formula.


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