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Improving Incentive Programs to Increase Channel Revenue: 3 Essential Steps

For companies that rely on channel sales for a significant portion of revenue, there’s been a noticeable shift in channel operations over the past couple of years. Evolving technologies, buyer behaviors, and environmental factors have all had some effect on how companies at various points of the channel conduct and experience business. For many, changes in the landscape have creeped up on them. The result? A tight, competitive market for top-performing, loyal channel partners. More than...
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Olivier Choron
Great article Jennifer! You are correct; these are necessary steps to take but I'll add one more - you need to communicate to part... Read More
Wednesday, 02 March 2016 6:06 PM
Jennifer Hartwell
Hi Olivier - I really appreciate your comment and apologize for my late response to you. We also agree that improving partner enga... Read More
Wednesday, 06 July 2016 4:04 PM
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Hello from Revitas! We are Pleased to Join the Channel Focus Community!

Hello from Revitas! We are Pleased to Join the Channel Focus Community! First, an introduction. Here at Revitas, we are all about revenue acceleration. We help organizations accelerate revenue through diverse, multi-level sales channels, by delivering enterprise-class solutions that tailor channel and contract management to the needs of the business. For over 25 years, we have enabled companies in the most challenging, channel-intensive industries to achieve best-in-class performance and sustainable competitive advantage. Our first encounter with...
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10 Tips for Capturing Reseller Loyalty

It’s no secret that getting your reseller partners personally invested in selling your products is good for business. But when Blackhawk Engagement Solutions (formerly parago) conducted a recent survey of channel marketers, we found that only 52% of vendors are paying incentives directly to their partner sales reps. Instead, the incentives are going to the partner principal, who then doles out the incentives to thesales team according to how he or she sees fit. So more than...
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Show Your Insights, We’ll Share Ours

If you had $1 to spend on an incentive program, which one would you spend it on? That’s the crux of what we — and everyone else in the business — really want to know. Take our five-minute survey,  and share your expert insight with us. Then, we’ll share the results with you — before anyone else — in an exclusive webinar presentation. Deadline to complete our five-minute survey: February 27, 2015 What’s in it for...
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Three Steps To Ensure Your MDF Allocation Drives Growth In 2015

  In this first article of a two part series, ZS Associates Principal John DeSarbo and Semdrive Executive Vice President of Sales Darren Yetzer look at changes in IT buyer behavior and the need for vendors to modify their strategies accordingly. "Three Steps To Ensure Your MDF Allocation Drives Growth in 2015” was originally published by Channel Marketer Report on November 11, 2014. IT buyer behavior continues to change, and vendors are acting accordingly. Customers increasingly...
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