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  • Working with channel partners has its challenges. We all know that. But how can vendors enable their channel partners to do the right thing for them – i.e. influencing prospects, representing their suppliers’ brands correctly, selling efficiently and providing great customer service. At Tremolo® Software, we believe vendors can help by keeping their partners informed – not just about their products, but also about industry trends and market changes. We also believe vendors have a key role to play in socially enabling their partners and helping them generate demand. Finally, we believe that partner portals, incentives, communications and other channel programs should be more intuitive, more self-serving and MUCH more personalised. In other words, it’s time to ‘spin partner programs around’.

    So we have created a group dedicated to sharing tips, tricks, best practices, resources around "all programs and tools that enable partners." We’ll try our best to publish blogs regularly but please do ask questions and don’t hold back. We aim to be very pro-active and responsive!

    See here how our solutions could work for you:

    newsondemand: Delivering a personalised portal experience

    socialondemand: Social advocacy platform

    portalondemand: Delivering a personalised portal experience

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