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TOPIC: A Shortened Argumentative Assignment Example 2021

A Shortened Argumentative Assignment Example 2021 2 years 5 months ago #382

Argumentative assignment is a type of assignment in which you argue over a stance. By using factual details and other supporting data, you can either prove or disprove the mentioned approach. No doubt, it is a tough job to write an assignment, particularly when it is an argumentative one. It is important to go through some argumentative write my paper examples as they can help you design your argumentative assignment in a more eloquent way. Let’s suppose you are going to write about human cloning, the following examples will serve as the best format.

Human Cloning is the regeneration of human beings by using the technique of cloning. This process infers the production of the same genetic design as that of the existing individual. Thus, it can help to create multiple copies or  write my paper for me. In a broad sense, human cloning is one of the major harms to human civilization because it will not only be interference to the natural world but it can lead to significant social and moral issues.

Human cloning is more like a technique that is derived from the technique of embryo duplication. Under these techniques, human extinction can be mitigated by cloning human beings. Several arguments are proposed in favor as well as against the topic, but a broad and exegetical insight infers that human cloning can do more harm than good.

Human cloning will be a direct interference to the natural world because human beings are made to perform on the base of life and the birth cycle. The significance of cloning can lead to immortality and an essay writer can prove to be serious religious trauma. It is because religion is used as one of the major tools to keep the world on its way. Cloning can mitigate the fear of death and every human being will become fearless of the greatest fear, “death”.

Human cloning can lead to moral destruction because the idea of regeneration can make a lot of people think in a negative way. There will be a lot of people who will start their businesses by enhanced manning by misusing the technology. Then, it is expected that there will be an increased crime rate and a great trend of inferiority complex to be imposed by those who are more powerful.

Human cloning will be huge destruction to the world cycle and the population control level. As soon as people will become more known to this technology, they will try to spend all the resources to get their loved one's cloned. It will not only distract or hamper the way the world is, but it will be a sudden shock to the world in the form of overpopulation, globalization, and increased disease ratio. Collectively, it is argued that although it is one of the best ways to preserve the talent, in the long run, it can become one of the major disasters to the planet that will be human-generated.

Human cloning appears to be very effective by a general vision of the technology. However, a critical and in-depth analysis highlights that human cloning can prove to be one of the major man-made disasters that can bring this world to the brim of suffering in the form of disease, death, war, and overpopulation. The major and critical impacts of  custom dissertation writing service can appear similar to the role of powerful mafia or the survival conditions of the areas that are overpopulated. Having a look at the third world countries can be a clear description of the outcomes and how this technology can turn out to be a curse disguised in blessing. Thus, human cloning can prove to be the worst version of the technology.
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