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The Channel Focus Agent Model Track

As more and more companies move away from the traditional buy/sell model, and as more and more partners make the change to a services-led model – what will be the role of the agent model? After all, it is one the Telcos have been using for years!

At this year’s Channel Focus we have created a track and workshops on November 9th dedicated to the Agent Model.

Who should attend?

If you are already using the agent model, you should be there to learn from our experts the programs they are using to maximize sales through this very important channel.

If you are considering the agent model or think it might be right for your business, channel Focus will help you understand if this is the right model for you. More importantly it will help you understand exactly what is required to make this model work.

A huge thanks to our Advisory Board

We won’t say collectively how long these guys have been working with the Agent model and building a deep understanding of how to maximize sales through agents. But we couldn’t wish for a more expert advisory board than Chris Jones of AT&T, John Muscarella of Cox and Craig Schlagbaum of Comcast/Masergy. Thank you for helping shape terrific sessions and some awesome workshops.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn just what it takes to build an Agent model — the latest thinking on working with TSDs, what you need to have in place to make the model work, how to recruit and onboard agents, marketing with agents and so much more.

So join Channel Focus and really understand how to maximize sales through this very important go-to-market model.