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Channel Focus workshops – Virtual but very very live!
I’m sure like us, you are fed up with virtual events that promise to be live but are actually recorded and the lack of interaction they allow. Led by subject matter experts these workshops will be live, we will replicate the in-person workshop format with participants able to see each other, and discuss these key issues in small groups of 15-20 people live and with the cameras on!



The Discussion Workshops - A Real Opportunity to Debate These Issues

1. What are the key elements in building an MSP strategy?
2. How do you recruit a carefully targeted group of new partners?
3. The Channel chief of the future which new skill-sets will be required?
4. Best practice in introducing new technologies to your channel.
5. Best practice in maintaining partner mindshare in a remote environment.
6. How do you develop and manage an influencer program


The Five Golden Rules Workshops - The 5 Things That Will Make You More Effective

7. When building a referral program
8. In developing an incentive program for the MRR (monthly recurring revenue) market
9. In working with Marketplaces
10. To build a state-of-the-art eco-system
11. In measuring partner ROI
12. In helping partners build a more effective digital/social marketing strategy