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The next generation of advocacy…

In today’s connected world everyone is interpreting brand advocacy to involve promoting their message through key advocates such as channel partners, sales partners, employees, influencers and ambassadors… But the truth is you’re all missing out on a few tricks. Here’s the next generation of advocacy, what we will all be doing in a few years’ time (for some) and very soon (for our customers).Brand to advocates- normal advocacyThe current trend in advocacy which is receiving increased...
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Why Social Media Advocacy is Inevitable!

We all know what advocacy is, and when done correctly it can greatly benefit us as brands. Partner this with social media, and social media advocacy becomes one of your best marketing assets. The question is are you taking full advantage of all your advocates? Are some being overlooked?Employee AdvocacyYour employees are said to be your greatest fans so why not take full advantage by enabling them to promote your brand content through social media?...
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Social Selling- Fish Where the Fish Are

Last week we were lucky enough to be joined by social selling expert, Zoe Sands who is the principal consultant at Zoe Sands & Co. Ltd. Zoe assists organisations in connecting sales with marketing to prove ROI. Here is a recap on exactly what was discussed.The power of your employeesDon’t underestimate the power of your employees. They are your greatest advocates and should be leveraged to fully break into the social sphere. Not convinced? Think...
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The 4 Golden Rules of Social Media, or The Creepy Pickup Artist

Sure, many things in life can be learned if you did not come to earth with them already built-in. Social media is one of them. But as many times, the devil is in the details and there is one very elusive skill. The four golden rules in Social media are that you have to engage often, consistently, providing relevant content, and in an authentic fashion. Frequency. Social media, to be done right, has to be done...
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Pick Your Vendor Based On These Marketing Enablement and Co-Marketing Best Practices

Are your favorite vendors helping you to market successfully?  We just published a report for our clients where we highlight best practices in marketing enablement, based on a series of interviews with 10 channel partner marketing executives. Now, the majority of these were companies with over $10 billion in revenues, so they could afford their investments; but if you’re a channel partner wondering about the effectiveness of your partnerships, you should consider these points in your...
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Hi Peter This is interesting. Although the results are probably refelctive of the US more your post still has some good points for... Read More
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Emma. Thanks for your comments. Your last point of providing good localized content is very important. I may be doing some researc... Read More
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