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Kiss The Old Ways Goodbye - Be Prepared To Change & Change Again

The need for change and acceptance of the fact that your status quo for business may be no Longer has never been truer.  I have been speaking on the effect of the cloud (internet based service and supply) for the past 12 years and in the past two have provided much comment on the visible effects we had and are seeing.  In recent years, unfortunately this has become a very visible truth to all concerned. We...
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Incentivising partners and customers to adopt the cloud in 2013

By Ian Moyse - Sales Director,  Eurocloud UK Board Member & Cloud Industry Forum Governance Board Member Cloud computing continues to be heavily hyped and marketed and you can’t avoid articles, shows, webinar and seminars on the subject.  Love it, hate it, reject it or embrace it there is no doubt you have heard, talked and been aware of it and this will continue as the industry and solutions based on internet based solutions...
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Who is in Charge?

As I spend more and more time with channel partners, it is becoming evident that they are leveraging their relationships with end customers to deliver more and more value.  In some cases, people leading channels for technology vendors are helping to enable this and investing in programs to educate and nurture their channels—but not all.  When the partner is in charge at the point of the customer, what does it mean to the vendor behind them?...
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Master Cloud Builder Specialization - Helping Partners Evolve

You’ve often heard me say that Cisco partners need to continue to evolve their businesses to stay competitive and be successful. As the trend for delivering technology as a service continues, now more than ever partners must evolve their business to support the demand for new consumption models, like cloud and managed services.  And in order to support our partner’s evolution, Cisco is evolving our Partner Program with the availability of the new Master Cloud Builder...
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