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Measuring Channel Success: Reach, Frequency, Yield

Mindshare for today’s channel comes at a premium. If you are a Channel Manager looking to grow your business it seems easiest to go after your best partners and ask for more business.  Many times, your partners will sell into their existing accounts and become deeply involved in deployments, leaving little capacity to sell more.  Focusing on the broader issue of creating channel capacity by increasing number of Channel Partners, shortening sales cycles and generating more...
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Value by Subtraction

In any competitive industry, we are confronted with the ever-pressing need to improve our products and services, and we can get caught in the relentless search of the added feature. But this is not always what the customer wants. I am not talking about the price-sensitive customer who is happy to get the minimum possible as long as she gets a good price. I am talking about the occasions when we fail to recognize that the...
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Pick Your Vendor Based On These Marketing Enablement and Co-Marketing Best Practices

Are your favorite vendors helping you to market successfully?  We just published a report for our clients where we highlight best practices in marketing enablement, based on a series of interviews with 10 channel partner marketing executives. Now, the majority of these were companies with over $10 billion in revenues, so they could afford their investments; but if you’re a channel partner wondering about the effectiveness of your partnerships, you should consider these points in your...
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Sam Layle
Hi Peter This is interesting. Although the results are probably refelctive of the US more your post still has some good points for... Read More
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 10:10 AM
Sam Layle
Emma. Thanks for your comments. Your last point of providing good localized content is very important. I may be doing some researc... Read More
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 9:09 AM
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Plan Your Channel Activities

We have reached and are on the downward slope of 2012 just about able to see 2013 on the horizon. But dont get me wrong - there is still a lot more to come in 2012. The Channel Focus community is here to produce information to assist you in your day to day operations, providing you with best practice know how and offering sound advice from experts in the industry. We even provide you with expertise from outside...
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Keep Your Finger on the Channel Focus Pulse

Speeding through the year like a bullet train, if I blink I might miss Easter! So much has happened in this short space of time – so a quick recap We had 2 fantastic webinars so far Show Me The Money! How Good Channel Data Improves Incentive Payments & The 5 Pillars of Systematic Partner Recruitment Campaigns. Looking at the community’s response we have quite a few people out there that are looking for best practices in IT channel...
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