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Measuring Channel Success: Reach, Frequency, Yield

Mindshare for today’s channel comes at a premium. If you are a Channel Manager looking to grow your business it seems easiest to go after your best partners and ask for more business.  Many times, your partners will sell into their existing accounts and become deeply involved in deployments, leaving little capacity to sell more.  Focusing on the broader issue of creating channel capacity by increasing number of Channel Partners, shortening sales cycles and generating more...
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The 6 Ground Rules for Knocking the New Partner On-Boarding Ball out of the Park Part 2

By Carmen Sorice, SVP Channels and Cristina Greysman, Director Partner Experience Part 2 of 2 In Moneyball, Michael Lewis’s best-selling book about the strategy that created 2002 Oakland Athletics baseball team, the general manager, Billy Beane, used a sophisticated statistical model called sabermetrics to scout for ideal players. Fortunately for us, it doesn’t take intricate statistics to succeed in the technology partnership game. The last post outlined strategies for improving the on-boarding experience in order to...
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Tackling Analytics Like A Channel Pro

Keeping up with today’s channel partners’ expectations requires any channel business to be on their toes at all times in order to meet those expectations. The popularity of modern predictive analytics is on the rise without a doubt and channel account managers must be prepared. Predictive analytics moved from backroom operations to frontline sales and now, it’s moving to the channel sales organization. As predictive analytics evolves in the channel space, it becomes a necessity for...
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The 6 Ground Rules for Knocking the ‘New Partner On-Boarding’ Ball out of the Park

By Carmen Sorice, SVP Channels and Cristina Greysman, Director Partner Experience Sungard Availability Services Part 1 of 2 According to the New York Times best-selling book Moneyball, the success of a baseball team starts way before the season opener, and even before spring training begins. It starts with the data you use to assemble the right team. As the assistant general manager Peter Brand said in the movie Moneyball, “Your goal shouldn't be to buy players;...
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What movies can teach you about channel incentives

Sit back, grab a handful of buttery popcorn and please silence your cell phones. The featured film is about to begin. Now showing “When Good Incentives Go Bad”, a feature film illuminating three key pitfalls of channel incentives that you can learn from Titanic II,Burn Notice, and Godzilla. But first, context on the film. The point of a channel incentive is to push partners toward a behavior they wouldn’t otherwise engage in. Incentives can be wildly successful in...
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Get in the driver's seat and steer your way to success in 2013!

This month we have a variety of channel  gems to share with you, for instant gratification, we have the latest ebooks, presentations, whitepapers and don’t forget those handy on-demand webinars we have available for you.  Get them here – see a couple of the latest grab and go information below.  How Do We Train Our Partners to Move from Being Plumbers to Selling Real Business Outcomes to their Customers? PDF SLIDES   e-BOOK: Part 2 - Through-Partner Marketing   If you...
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