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The 4 Golden Rules of Social Media, or The Creepy Pickup Artist

Sure, many things in life can be learned if you did not come to earth with them already built-in. Social media is one of them. But as many times, the devil is in the details and there is one very elusive skill.

The four golden rules in Social media are that you have to engage often, consistently, providing relevant content, and in an authentic fashion.

  • Frequency. Social media, to be done right, has to be done often. You are not really social if you only stick your head out once in a while from your cave. Besides, the amount of noise in the social networks can easily mute a timid attempt at it. 
  • Consistency is a must. Social media is all about the followers, and How do you build followers if you don’t have a clear identity and you are all over the board? You are one click away from losing any follower, and all it takes for this happen is one post from you that they didn’t like.
  • Relevancy means that you are not oversharing the yogurt parfait you ate, but you actually provide some content that people are interested in.
  • Authenticity, this is what makes a blog, twitter feed, Facebook wall, enjoyable. Is what prompts people to say “I love this guy”. It is where word-of-mouth recommendations are born, and because of this, is the essence of “social”.

So the first three skills are rooted in discipline. The first in the discipline of posting regularly and often, maybe on a schedule. The second and third mostly require exercising self-restraint and not sharing everything, just what fits the audience and what is really of some value, combined with some basic research. 

Now, authenticity. That’s different. It comes from inside, it defines who you are. And most of the time it means just not trying to be someone else, not “trying too hard”, not being that creepy pickup artist.

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