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How to Drive Employee Advocacy Globally

Employee advocacy

We are all too aware of the power of social media for B2B marketing and promoting our brand to a wider audience. The question is, how many of you have investigated the power of employee advocacy? This is the process of promoting your message through your employees’ social networks.

Let’s delve into the F5 Networks’ story to better understand how they drive social employee advocacy globally, and the results they have achieved since doing this.

Introducing F5 Networks
Through their seamless applications, F5 Networks assist organisations globally in the secure deployment of cloud, data centre and latterly software-defined networking.

Every brand strives to increase their exposure, and social media is a fantastic way to achieve this, being a channel used actively by many. F5 Networks wanted to take advantage of this and so it was made an integral part of their organisations strategy in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

F5 saw a huge social media opportunity, previously untapped
F5 saw their employees as the perfect avenue to achieve increased brand exposure on social media. This works by sharing brand content onto social media through employee’s personal social media accounts, for all of their connections to see, as opposed to just relying on their own business social media accounts.

It needs to be easy
To perform this task effectively, F5 Networks required a programme which would enable them to not only efficiently share worthy, relevant content to their employees, but also something requiring minimal effort. F5 Networks chose socialondemand®, provided by my company, purechannelapps.

socialondemand certainly delivered this. “In 3 short steps, F5 Networks employees can find, edit and socially share content they consider appropriate and believe their network will be interested in,” confirmed Nick Bowman, Senior Manager, EMEA Corporate Communications at F5 Networks.

It’s important to test it first

To ensure this would be a worthwhile investment, F5 Networks rolled this out to the UK and Germany first. Once it was proved to be effective they quickly deployed it to many other countries. They even went one step further and shared their content not only to their employees but also to their channel partners as well.

The all-important results
By using the social media amplification platform, socialondemand, F5 Networks remain in control of the content their employees receive, ensuring they continually deliver a consistent brand message.

F5 Networks have 245 users (in 2015) actively using socialondemand, with a sizable proportion of users being field based employees in EMEA. They on average have 50% of users reposting and sharing content they deem appropriate on a monthly basis.

In 2015, 305 posts were created, sent to 945 users, which were posted onto social media 2,894 times, generating 10,396 clicks. Impressive!

After experiencing the full power of social media, they are now looking to increase their social media presence even further by encouraging even more employees and other advocates, such as their channel partners, to share content through socialondemand. The future is social for F5 Networks that’s for sure!


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