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Channel Focus Club 50
Leadership Retreat Spring 2020
Lido House Hotel - Newport Beach, CA
5/6/7 February 2020

Club 50 Executive Summary

I’m very much looking forward to seeing you at the Club 50 event on February, 5th - 7th.

I’ve been asked by members to prepare a brief summary to help them prepare for the meeting. The agenda is also attached. The purpose of this summary is to brief you on some key activities and provide pointers on issues you might want to take a few minutes to think about so you can raise the issues most important to you at the meeting.

The Welcome Event Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Everyone will gather on Monday evening so get in early and join with fellow members from 6.00pm – 10.00pm PST

In addition to all the fun stuff please spend a few moments thinking about the following


The presentations and group debate

We have 2 presentations and a group debate at Club 50

Thursday 6th February

  1. The MSP panel – an MSP distributor and 4 MSPs discuss their different business models their client interaction and what they require from the vendors
    The panel will explore very different MSP business models their influence in technology areas where they are not involved in the transaction and the ways they would like to engage with the vendor community.
  2. Club 50 debate. What are the new skillsets a Channel VP will need to succeed in the technology market of the future?
    Members wanted a group debate on a key issue. There is no more hotly debates issue than the changing skills we will need as the role of the Channel VP evolves – so please spend a moment and bring your ideas to what I’m sure will be a fascinating debate.

Friday 7th February

Channel culture, engagement, and effectiveness – lessons from the insurance industry.
Cecil Booher

Members loved the Harley presentation at the last meeting but wanted to hear from someone in an environment where partners had a choice of products they can sell. Cecil has over 30 years’ experience managing partners in the Insurance industry. He will share his thoughts on how to build a culture and team to maximize sales, gain partner mindshare and as he puts it be the company that is the preferred partner choice. Cecil has really interesting insights into the soft skills required and how to indoctrinate Channel culture regardless of whether you are Channel only or have a direct side to the business.

The 2 presentations will last for 30 minutes each to allow for a robust discussion among the group and with the presenter so think about the issues these presentations raise and questions and contributions you would like to make to the discussion.

The Roundtables

We have 9 roundtables at club 50 in 3 sessions of 3 roundtables each

In each session, Bachis has asked you to pick one of the 3 roundtables

The roundtables are a very important element of Club 50 so please spend a few moments thinking about the issues you want to address in your chosen round tables.

February 7th

Roundtable Option A

Roundtable Option B

Roundtable Option C

11:20 – 12:25

Roundtable 1: As partners increasingly move to a specialized model how does that affect the support and Channel Program they will require?

Roundtable 2: How do you build systems and measures to effectively justify the channel to the CFO?

Roundtable 3: Partner benefits of the future-what is the new currency?

2:15 - 3:20

Roundtable 4:   What are the new and emerging routes to market and how do you leverage them?

Roundtable 5: Channel Satisfaction: How do you measure partner satisfaction with you and customer satisfaction with your partners?

Roundtable 6: Marketplaces, Amazon and Distribution - what do they bring to the table?

February 8th

Roundtable Option A

Roundtable Option B

Roundtable Option C

10:20 – 11:35

Roundtable 7:  Before revenues decline - Building a structure to quickly highlight and address dissatisfied partners.

Roundtable 8: Building a program to address the needs of today’s influencers.

Roundtable 9: Rethinking partner enablement - what do today's partners really need?


The Evening Event Thursday, February 6th, 2020

We have a really fun evening event planned for Thursday evening so dress casually flat shoes please and be prepared for an exciting and fun evening with a fabulous dinner. We’ll be leaving the hotel at 4:15pm so there will be time to catch up on e-mails, freshen up and then join the group

In addition, lunch on day one will be divided into "Birds of a Feather" tables so people from similar industry areas can get together. We’ll also be holding polling sessions to get a snapshot of where we all are on key issues. We’ll also be holding a number, of fun and lively debates.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing you at Club 50!