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May 15, 2018


KEYNOTE: New business models, new technologies - tomorrow's Channel, what will it look like and what will they want from their vendors?


SESSION 1: Referrals, monthly recurring revenue, traditional buy/sell hybrids and a host of other options - how do you build a compensation structure that is right for your business?


SESSION 2: Content Marketing - How do you help your partners leverage your content? 


SESSION 3: Understanding and embracing the power of the 'shadow channel'. Who are they and what do they want from a vendor?


SESSION 4: Building a Channel program to answer the needs of partners with both Cloud and on-premise offerings. 


SESSION 5: 5 Steps that will improve the ROI of your MDF and rebate programs.


SESSION 6: The rise and rise of the micro-vertical apps become more and more specialized how do you, identify and work with today's specialist App developers?


SPECIAL LUNCH SESSION: M & A - Lessons learned in bringing 2 or more Channel teams together 


SESSION 7: Helping your partners achieve success with renewals - Building the systems to sell year 2 and beyond!


SESSION 8:  The state of Channel incentives - the latest thinking on channel incentives. 


SESSION 9: If Specialization is the key to partner success - how do you build programs to help your partners specialize?


SESSION 10: Partner time to revenue - how do you, onboard new partners, quickly and cost-effectively?


SESSION 11: How do you help your partners embrace digital marketing?


SESSION 12: Thinking outside the box - what are the new systems, tools, and techniques vendors are building to generate partner success?


SESSION 13:  Understanding land and expand - does it mean the end of one partner in each customer?


SESSION 14: Why Gold, Silver, and Platinum are devaluing your Channel: How to build a Channel that truly responds to each partner's needs.


SESSION 15: Understanding and building a channel to services the IoT marketplace.


SPECIAL EVENING SESSION: A panel of vendors and distributors debate the future of distribution

Distribution models are changing rapidly.  The old model of pick, pack and ship is being replaced by new value added models that include aggregating cloud services in distribution.  Leading global distributors have all launched cloud services, but what does it mean for the traditional vendor and distributor relationship?  Come to this session to find out what distributors need and how to partner with them for new opportunities. 

This session will encourage delegates to share ideas and continue right through to the gala evening event afterwards.




May 16, 2018


KEYNOTE: The Channel is dead - long live the channel! The rise and rise of new business partner models - who are they, how do you recruit them and what do they want?


SESSION 16: The voice of the partner - 3 partners with very different business models share what they need from the vendors.


SESSION 17: Beyond technical competence - how do you build a certification model that recognizes the skills your partners really need?


SESSION 18: Re-defining your CAM team - what are the new skills and capabilities that will be required to answer the needs of today's partners?


SESSION 19: How do you, or should you address SI/VAR partners unwilling to embrace the Cloud?


SESSION 20: Best practice in building a more meaningful engagement with your partners.


SESSION 21: Dealing with Amazon and Azure are they your partner, your competitor, or both?


LUNCH - Women's Leadership Council Report


SESSION 22: Selling to today's buyer! The demise of CTO and the rise of the 'C' Suite decision makers!


SESSION 23: Moving the needle! - How do you become truly partner friendly?


SESSION 24: How will Marketplaces and the continuing rise of e-commerce affect the Channel?


SESSION 25: What is the future of the MSP model?


SESSION 26: Big data, big insights - leveraging data to better enable your partners and your CAMs.


SESSION 27: The hardware challenge - responding to the needs of the new hardware customer.


Closing Session & Concluding Remarks: The Channel Focus Benchmark Survey - The Results - What Really Matters to Vendors and Partners?