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The next generation of advocacy…

In today’s connected world everyone is interpreting brand advocacy to involve promoting their message through key advocates such as channel partners, sales partners, employees, influencers and ambassadors… But the truth is you’re all missing out on a few tricks. Here’s the next generation of advocacy, what we will all be doing in a few years’ time (for some) and very soon (for our customers).

Brand to advocates- normal advocacy
The current trend in advocacy which is receiving increased attention at the moment involves brands pushing their messages through their advocates’ social media accounts, increasing the exposure of both the brand, and the advocates.

With the likes of Microsoft successfully deploying this to their channel partners and influencers, and F5 Networks to their employees, we know just how successful this can be. But it is about time we went one step further and tried something slightly different.

Going beyond- enable advocates to suggest content
This may sound like a crazy idea at first glance but I can assure you it isn’t. This works by using a social media platform that not only enables brands to create content to share to advocates but also enables advocates to share content ‘back’ to the brand. This could include relevant industry content, or even content they have created themselves.

The benefits:

  • Enables advocates to feel valued
  • Enables brands to access, and share, more content
  • Increases the range of topics to share
  • Reduces the workload from content creators/ marketing department

    Microsoft are already ahead of the game here. Alex Beere, Consultant Social Media Manager, SMB and Partner, Microsoft states ‘Our influencers are key to our business; leveraging not only their social media presence to share our news but also engaging them with our content creation process allows us to drive relevance so it’s a mutually beneficial relationship’. If the likes of Microsoft are already doing this, it’s undoubtedly only a matter of time before you do too.

    Going even further beyond- advocates suggest content to other advocates
    You may have the view that you only want your advocates to share content that you have created. This is the wrong attitude to have. Soon socialondemand® will enable advocates to share their own content through to other advocates, directly. This could include industry-specific content or local news they have created themselves.

    The benefits:


  • Some content may only be relevant for advocates to share amongst themselves.
  • Advocates end up sharing a variety of content, increasing their social presence even further.
  • With advocates receiving an increased online presence, content posted by the brand will then reach an even wider audience.
  • Advocates will remain engaged with your brand, sharing brand and their own content, seeing for themselves the value in continually doing this.

    This is a demand we have recently seen from our customers, so I can guarantee that these next generation advocacy ideas will soon be deployed by other social automation software companies. Just remember though, we got there first!

    By Olivier Choron
    CEO and Founder of purechannelapps

    Find me on LinkedIn
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