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Productivity and Profitability in the Channel

Direct sales teams have been using predictive analytics for some time now showing positive results. Now, it’s the channel’s turn.

About 77 percent of tech revenue flows in through channels.

Before predictive analytics entered the channel, opportunities were missed and critical data was lost in the overload of information.

Channel account managers were overwhelmed and didn’t know who to call, when to call, or what the next best action should be.

Data science and predictive analytics help solve this issue by pulling in all of that ‘big data’ and organizes and prioritizes it. This eliminates unnecessary legwork from a CAM’s daily tasks.

With added time and resources, channel account managers open up a path to be more productive and profitable than ever before.

Here’s a quick overview at what CAMs truly want and need in order to do so…

  1. Drive more revenue through existing channel partners.
  2. Drive more revenue through new channel partners.
  3. Improve channel account manager-to-partner communications.
  4. Provide channel account managers with a reliable workflow system.
  5. Improve visibility into partner data, including data from external sources, such as, social.
  6. Leverage BI (Business Intelligence) and analytics to boost decision-making.

Luckily for the channel, the solution is available today.

  1. Alerts and Notifications: Partner-specific alerts using hundreds of data signals from dozens of sources. Stack-ranked and prioritized, system-generated alerts provide deeper insights into what’s going on with indirect partners.
  2. Action Center: Using BI, data science, and machine-learning, view action items that are stack-ranked and organized to ensure better, more informed partner discussions fully aligned with corporate strategies.
  3. Partner Health Score: Using both internal and external data sources, a weighted partner health score showing how each indirect partner is performing against the same baseline metrics and measurements.
  4. Partner Business Review Report: Pull together the most relevant historical data to produce a sharable partner summary report. This means no more wasted hours preparing for quarterly business reviews or management meetings.
  5. Partner Interaction Panel: An interaction panel offers an easier way for channel account managers to initiate and log calls, send emails, and conduct more effective discussions with each indirect partner.
  6. Partner Agenda: A prioritized list of actions so each CAM has strategy-oriented talking points readily available for every partner conversation.

ChannelEyes recognizes the difficulty of gathering the most relevant data and pulling it into an organized, prioritized view. In order to create a solid platform for all CAMs to be productive and profitable each day minus the additional legwork, changes must be made.

Our latest product, OPTYX, brings together the most important information about your indirect partner sales channel, and then uses data science to produce partner insights and visibility you can act on. The first of its kind, workflow tool for channel managers, OPTYX makes it possible to engage with channel partners in more productive and meaningful ways.

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