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More Channel Data is Better - Isn't it?

A few years ago, I was sitting in a training session for a large customer where the topic was an overview of the corporate channel policy and I over heard a channel manager explaining to a sales rep the policy for getting reported data. It went like this…

Channel Manager: "We'll take any data you can get regardless of quality, from any partner. If it has holes, we'll deal with that later. If they have more fields that we usually get, take the extra data, even if we don't know what it means. We might find a use for it eventually. More channel data is better, right?”

Sales Rep: "Why?"     

Channel Manager: "Because more is better."

And here is the funny thing. At the time I believed in her argument - More data is always better than less data right? The best channel solutions have been built around taking immense volumes of data and making them easy to consume in a lot of places, ours included. And there is no shortage of interesting channel data.

But here's the secret that many who have been exposed to "big data" have discovered: What really matters is having the right data, in the right place, where the person who needs it is looking.  The sales rep just wanted to know performance for his accounts, when getting ready to meet with them. That way, he could work with his channel partners to increase sales.

Don't get me wrong. Complex initiatives to understand multi-tier reseller trends for end-of-life products in Vietnam are fun. Really fun! Right? But when Sally Sales Rep is struggling to meet her quota, wouldn't you like to be able to show her real time sales information, right in Salesforce, so she could pick up the phone and close some additional business? Don't you want your resellers to know if their deals closed before you create and execute 47 new marketing programs for them?

Contrast the above scenario with a dinner conversation I had with another large customer, but who had a much smaller channel team. This sales manager’s perspective was very different: "Our goal is to provide more information to those who need it, not just more data."  So the question is: How do you turn your piles of channel data in to actionable information?

The best Channel Data Management solutions do exactly that. They process immense volumes of channel data and in return, give you useful information, not just lots of data.

Channelinsight can collect all of your channel data regardless of the format or source, making it easy for your partners to submit the data on a regular basis. We can even help you collect data that you may not have a plan for yet but know you will in the future. Even better, Channelinsight can turn your channel data into usable information – also known as Channel intelligence and provide it to you in easy to read dashboards in Salesforce. How easy is that?  Besides, you really don't want to ignore that guy in sales training who's trying to make you money.

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