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How to diminish the hassle and expense of email newsletters

Email marketing is set to be the most invested in B2B channel in 2016, with 82% rating it their top priority this year. The question is how can you improve your current efforts?

The top 4 issues with email marketing:

1. It’s so expensive
The sheer cost of creating and sending email newsletters daily/ weekly/ monthly is quite overwhelmingly expensive, when you consider the multitude of employees who are involved, each of course with their own costs. Graphic designers, HTML coders, content creators and marketers, just for one email! And you can times this fivefold for complex multi-topic newsletters.

2. The creation and approval process is so long!
One email generally passes at least four different people, each with their own busy schedules and time constraints, delaying the send date considerably. In some cases, by the time everything has been approved, the content is already out of date. This is even more the case when you need to translate the content. Nightmare! Now do you start the whole process again or do you just send out the old content?

3. Creating targeted, personalised emails is too difficult.
We can all understand the importance of sending subscribers targeted and highly personalised content, but is this really achievable when it involves physically creating a multitude of different versions? And what happens if a recipient fits into more than one of your subscriber lists? Will they receive duplicate emails, with similar content in both? Imagine you’re the receiver of the content, how annoying would that be?

4. Engagement/ CTA is low
So out of date content and duplicate emails are regularly being sent to your subscribers… it’s not surprising then that your call to action and subscribers are becoming less and less engaged each time they receive an email newsletter from you. Anyone would switch off from this.

The sooner you begin the solution the better… Invest in newsondemand. You may say ‘yeah’, ‘yeah’. It’s just the same as every other email marketing software, why bother? Well you’re wrong. What other program solves all 4 of the issues above and more?

With no HTML coding or layout design required, and therefore less man power, newsondemand vastly decreases the cost of producing emails. The layout of the emails – driving by localised templates – also remains consistent, ensuring you adhere to brand guidelines every time.

Reduced creation, approval and delivery time
With your newsletter bypassing less employees, the approval process is shortened, with only the content requiring approval. This reduces the likelihood of out of date content being shared, ensuring only valid content is sent to recipients. Content can also be approved within newsondemand itself, ensuring everything is kept in one place, making the whole process that bit easier.

Targeting abilities
newsondemand enables recipients to decide the topics they would like to hear about, as well as its frequency plus the specific time and day they wish to receive your news.
You simply categorise each piece of content within your newsletter, selecting; topic area, who it’s for, language and priority level (most important articles appear at the top). Based upon this information your newsletter will then be auto-created, each displaying content specifically relevant to the recipient. And voila, your emails are targeted to all users, with minimum effort.

Engagement can now be high!
By giving recipients exactly what they want, when they want it, it’s not surprising that engagement will be high. Our customer, SAP use newsondemand and since using this software their open rates are up by 49%! Their average click to open rate is 5.9%, with some even receiving a staggering 17%.

2016 is the year for email marketing, so ensure you invest in the right programs and get ahead of the curve, before your competitors do. I know it’s my software so I am biased, but I strongly believe you will struggle to find one better for improving your current email marketing efforts! Good luck!

By Olivier Choron
CEO and Founder of purechannelapps

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