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Coming Down from the Cloud

I just returned from a cloud channels conference last week where a couple of hundred bright folks in the channel were gathered to talk about all things cloud: directions, implications, current challenges, solutions and more. Vendors and SMEs presented as well as led small interactive workshops, the normal conference environment – but very focused on a single topical area.

There was a lot of energy in the conference with great directional presentations by industry leaders like HPE (getting used to that quickly!), Microsoft, VMware and others. I had the opportunity to close the first day – the unenviable position of standing between the participants and cocktails – with the application of concepts from my new book The Hybrid Sales Channel to the marketplace changes being created by the cloud.

The energy in the room stayed high, and based on cocktail and dinner conversations – so did the engagement and attachment to the concepts. While the big picture of the cloud is not new to any of us, it is creating some dramatic changes in the end customer environment that are either great opportunity…or great trouble if not taken into consideration.

The changes in the marketplace I outlined fell into a few key categories:

·         How are customer thought patterns about the cloud affecting their buying patterns?

·         What does research data say about how customer buying behaviors are changing?

·         How do these changes align with the key strategic drivers in most of our own companies?

Based on the answers to those questions, there were only two questions remaining:

·         What choices are available to get in front of these changes create significant growth?

·         How do you go about doing it?

Want to know more about the answers to these questions how they apply to your company? I’d suggest that you do one simple thing – immediately sign up for the webinar here in the Channel Focus Community on December 3.

If you can’t make it on that date, the webinar will be recorded and here in our Zone for replay, and you can also take a sneak peak into the book by visiting

I look forward to speaking with you in a week!


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